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Tuesday, September 2, 2008
I did a lot of running around today. It all started at 5 AM for one minute. Then it stopped and I woke again at 6:14 in a terror. I was supposed to be out of the house at 6 to help my friend with her U of T Engineering Matriculation duties! So I woke up my Dad and we arrived at the convocation hall at 7:15.

My first immediate task after apologizing to my friend was to become a cog in the human conveyor belt that was transporting F!rosh goodie bags. After at least 350 bags were placed in a room away from free-stuff hungry students, the next task was ready to be executed.

The original idea was to scan barcodes that students had as proof of their registration fees, but it quickly changed into old-fashioned pen and paper checklists. My job was to write Greek symbols on F!rosh hands that matched with their group. The Engineering faculty love their symbols. That was fun.

After writing twelve symbols on a countless amount of hands, a couple of volunteers and I took the extra F!rosh bags to an office and got to keep one each! Sweet deal considering what was inside: a lot of "Welcome to U of T!" phamplets, a fridge magnet, a stainless steel coffee mug, a plastic water bottle, a few condoms, a USB key, a shot glass, an oversized t-shirt (they only had large and extra-large left), a huge towel, a hard hat (which I exchanged for another towel), and shower sandals (which are actually meant to be used when they dye you purple). A nice compensation. Plus my friend took me out to lunch (I'm getting the next meal). A good way to end a badly started day.

I attempted to take the bus back to my house, but it failed because it turns out that the bus that I wanted to take was at the previous subway station. So I got as far as Sherway Gardens before I had to walk home.

While I was walking, it occurred to me that I could get my busking liscence today. So I called my mother at home to pick me up in order to reach the Civic Centre in time. I had half an hour to drive from one end of Toronto to the other before the liscencing office closed, and I made it!

I can now busk in the streets of Toronto! And busk I did. From 8:45-10:00 I stood in front of the gay TD and played a bunch of songs on the guitar and sang. It was a lot of fun and I got some compliments and elevator stares. Hooray for legal busking!

Now it's time for sleep so I can be pretty for tomorrow at work. 10-5 ahoy! I'm excited for work. Which is a good thing. Yes-siree bob. I shouldn't of had that chai latte after performing... now I don't think I can sleep. But I shall try! Plus I think I'll do another video cover tomorrow. Night!

P.S. Our pool is almost done! All we need now is concrete around the edges and everything will be set.. to put away to use next year. There will be pictures my friends, oh yes.

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I think I would be a little disturbed if I opened a goodie bag and found condoms... :P
» randomjunk on 2008-09-03 09:25:19

busking license exists? never knew that!

i write two haiku. feel free to comment!
» renaye on 2008-09-03 10:47:57

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